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Miracle Properties


What does a real estate office, fraternity house, and a church have in common? They are all Chi Alpha properties. These places next to campus provide a welcoming space for students and so much can be accomplished in these facilities including Bible studies, worship gatherings, outreach, housing, social events, and a place to study. These settings provide a context for building community […]

Your Story

Josh and Katie Moran


James Madison University Although he uttered a “sinner’s prayer” as a Baptist youth because he feared going to hell over unconfessed transgressions, Joshua Moran rarely attended church. Parties where he got drunk and swore a lot turned out to be more frequent gathering places. But soon after he began attending college, his life turned around. “Chi Alpha found me at the University […]


The Global Campus is the Future of Mission


International students here in America and in countries around the world are the key to global mission. Here’s why: Global Growth The growth in the number of international students is explosive. There are five million international students in the world. Global Reach Change the university, change the world. Global Unreached Two thirds of international students in the US come from the 10/40 […]


Sacred Spaces


University communities of faith find themselves in dorms, student centers, classrooms, coffee bistros, pubs, parks, students’ off-campus apartments, auditoriums and eateries. These communities of faith on and off campus create sacred spaces where worship, prayer, fellowship, discipleship and mission are experienced. This type of community represents an ecclesiology that is freed from an institutional box, in order to inform and empower the […]


All For Jesus


Your access point for all the Assemblies of God World Missions video content is the AGWM Media Hub. Stream and download missions news and resourcing videos. 

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