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College and Career Pastor to Campus Missionary


In 2009, just months after our wedding, my wife Jordan and I left our jobs at a large local church in Indianapolis to begin the process of pioneering Chi Alpha (XA) at Indiana University. At the time it seemed like a big risk and a huge undertaking to leave that kind of security, but we knew for certain that we had discovered […]

A Chi Alpha Story

Steph Peterson Leads XA at WSU


In 2007 Mike Amiot, the Minnesota District XA Director approached me about re-starting XA at Winona State University (WSU). At the same time, Roger Stacy, of the Minnesota AG Church Planting Network, was recruiting my husband Chuck to be a church planter. We went to visit Winona just to “get them off our backs” but were surprised when we felt a strong […]


XA Student Centers Operate in 19 States on 32 Campuses


In the book Growing a Student Movement, The Development of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries 1940-2020, I included photos and reported on twenty-five XA student centers. Three new properties opened this school year and I wrote about them in an article, “What does a real estate office, fraternity house, and a church have in common?” (see  Dennis’ Blog, September 1, 2021). They are […]

Five More Ordained Females in XA – Part 2


In the April issue, we introduced 5 females in a 3-part series highlighting ordained XA female campus ministers. An increasing number of XA females have received ordination in the past 2 years, so I thought I would recognize them. During the Spring and early Summer AG districts/ networks gather and more of our XA females will be ordained. Here are 5 females […]


University Mottos


Many universities bear testimony to God in their mottos written in Latin or Greek, and here in English: The University of Texas at Austin has a tower overlooking the campus with the inscription? The truth will set you free. John 8:32 Harvard University–Truth, For Christ and the Church University of California–Berkeley–Let there be light Princeton University–Under God’s power she flourishes The University […]

Benefits to Learning History


our faith is built up as we see how God has used people and worked powerfully in situation we gain wisdom in building on the insights and examples of past Christians gain a sense of community with the past works of God our perspective is broadened in that we see the big picture with a view to the long term, we recognize […]

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