Year-End Discount During December


Regular Retail $24.95

Discounted price $14.95 

Consider purchasing a complimentary copy for your pastor, district superintendent or missions director, world missionary, a major donor. 

The president and library at AG colleges/universities, AG executives, and AG WM regional directors have received complimentary copies of Growing a Student Movement. 

Let’s get the story of Chi Alpha in the hands of many.

C. David Gable , former national director, 

reported that the Growing a Student Movement book was:

Gable receiving a gift from above.

A gift from above!

And from Dennis G: a cat-herding, tradition-stretching, leader-enabling, truth-discerning, baloney-annoyed, need-sensitive, innovation-embracing, wisely-patient, personally-integrated, arena-centered, coffee-loving, Barbara-adoring, quietly radical, center-of-action player, who has worked for years to write a book that only he could be central enough to write. And who is making us all look better than we deserve.”

Whether a drone or kite delivered his book, or Federal Express, or a person who tied the book to a tree with twine is unknown. We validate that Dave Gale is the person in the photo; he received it and read the entire book.

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