Disciple-Making Books I’ve Read and Recommend

  • The Master Plan of Evangelism, Robert E. Coleman
  • Discipleship by Design, Harvey A. Herman
  • Called and Committed: World Changing Discipleship, David Watson
  • A Long Obedience in the Same Direction, Eugene H. Peterson
  • The Lost Art of Disciple Making, Leroy Eims
  • Disciple-Makers Handbook, Alice Fryling
  • Disciples are Made–Not Born, Walter A. Henrichsen
  • Call to Discipleship, Juan Carlos Ortiz
  • Lifestyle Discipleship, Jim Petersen
  • Home Cell Group Explosion, Joel Comiskey
  • College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture, Stephen Lutz
  • Jesus Christ Disciple Maker, Bill Hull
  • Radical, David Platt
  • Discipleship, Billie Hanks, Jr. and William A. Shanks

I have an extra new copy of The Master Plan of Evangelism and College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture. If you haven’t read them, text me at 1 417 766 0953 and include your mailing address, and whoever is first, will receive the book of their choice.

Discipleship Books
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