A Premier Place for God


The college campuses of the world have historically been a premier place for God to fashion for Himself laborers for the nations. The college campus is a place where young people can gather into tightly-knit communities, driven by a common purpose and pursuing a common goal. It is a place where the Lord of the Harvest has the opportunity to teach His young servants the primary lessons of faith, faithfulness, discipleship, courage, humility, evangelism, brokenness, servant-heartedness, and leadership. It is where our secret lives in God can become solid and deeply rooted. The community also provides an atmosphere where cultivating cross-cultural vision for the nations, growing in personal spiritual vitality, maturing a passion and effectiveness in evangelism, and leading and influencing others with a vision for reaching the world, are potentially experienced. When these and other disciplines are intentionally cultivated in a community setting during college, upon graduation, a multitude of prepared laborers can be released into the global harvest. These spiritually vital student mission initiatives on campuses, once networked to each other, are the widespread student missions movement necessary to accomplish the Great Commission in our lifetime.

Ryan Shaw, Waking the Giant, The Resurgence Student Missions Movement

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